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Juice Radio is a new and exciting radio station broadcasting on DAB+ digital radio across the North West and North Wales. We play today's best dance and yesterday's biggest throwbacks to a youthful, active and engaging listener who love looking good, socialising, enjoying events and nightlife and most importantly, have more free time with even more disposable income to spend on, enjoying life. 

1 Month Free Radio Advertising*

Radio is a great way to find new customers for your amazing business and increase the credibility of your brand to shine above the competion. The average person listens to radio for 25 hours a week, it's never been a better time to let them hear all about you, and your business. 

***Try it for FREE - No contract, Nothing to sign, You just pay a one-off fee, for your radio commercial to be scripted, voiced and produced. We then play it on air for free (30 times a week, for 4 weeks)

Why?... People think radio advertising can be expensive. So we want to show you, it's not and it works! What better way then to give it you for FREE and if you see the results, your more likely to stay on air after your free month (no obligation)  

Where will my free commercial be played?

We broadcast on DAB+ Digital Radio across the North West, Covering the main cities, including Manchester, Preston and Liverpool (and everywhere in between), Plus you can listen via the JUICE PLAYER on IOS and ANDROID, Across the UK on Smart Speaker plus listen live and replay all our shows via the ON-DEMAND section on the Juice Radio website. 

Radio advertising works, It's alive and kicking, it's everywhere and, it's more affordable than you think. Our transmission area enables us to broadcast to a potential audience of 2.5 Million* adults (15-35) across the North West, North Wales & West Yorkshire.

  • Age 15 to 45 (55% Female, 41% female, 4% other) 
  • Interested in looking good, gaming, live events, nightlife, sporting events, festivals and culture 
  • More free time, More disposable income 
  • Love fashion and trends and want to be part of the next big thing

NOW is the time to boost business with a months free radio advertising. It's time to expose your business to new customers. Limited availability, Get in touch

Juice Radio Sales


Or let us come back to you. Tell us all about YOU. It's time to make you sound great ON-AIR.


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